Mentoring Conversation 6: 360 Degree Feedback


This is the sixth of 8 mentoring conversations.

The purpose is…

  1. To facilitate a process where the mentee receives feedback from six other people, 1-2 people above the mentee in the organization, 2 people on the same level as the mentee and 2 people ‘below’ the mentee. The mentee should also choose 1-2 people not in his company to receive feedback from, i.e. friends or family.
To use…

The following document explains the process for mentoring conversation 6.

  1. Mentoring Conversation 6

The following document is the one the mentee can use to provide the mentor with the 6 email addresses.

  1. 6 People You Want To Receive Feedback From

The following document is the letter the mentor must send to the 6 people the mentee wants to receive feedback from. The one letter is addressed to a male and the other to a female.

  1. A Letter From An Important Other In Your Life – Male
  2. A Letter From An Important Other In Your Life – Female

To watch/listen…

Below are videos you have to watch. Simply click on the name next to 1., 2., etc.

PowerPoint presentation