A Letter From An Important Other


The purpose of this is to receive feedback from 6 important people in your life.


Provide your Coach with at least 6 email addresses of people you have a great relationship with and wouldn’t mind receiving feedback from regarding yourself.

You can send your Coach more than 6 people’s email addresses. Six people is the minimum. The more people you include to give feedback the more accurate and meaningful will the feedback be.

Your coach will send the ‘Letter from an important other in your life‘ to these 6 (or more) people to complete. They will send their completed letters back to your Coach. Your Coach will share the feedback with you in your next coaching session.

Download this form to provide your Coach with the email addresses of the 6 people you want feedback from:

6 People you want to receive feedback from

The format of the letter

Below is a link to an example of the letter that will be send to your 6 people.

A letter from an important other in your life

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