Nico picNico Liebenberg

Nico Liebenberg is a Corporate Strategy Facilitator, Human Development Process Designer, and Life- & Executive Coach.

Nico has a Masters degree in Psychology (University of Pretoria).

Nico has been involved in transforming and facilitating change and strategy in corporates, leaders, teams and individuals for 28 years.

Nico is passionate about empowering leaders and motivated individuals to become who they are born to be.

He is married for 26 years to Ronell and they have 5 children.

Gerhard (2)Gerhard Kotzee

Gerhard Kotzee is a Leadership and Management Developer, Executive Coach and Entrepreneur.

Gerhard is a qualified Metallurgical Engineer (University of  Pretoria) with a Masters degree in Business Leadership (University of South Africa).

After 30 years in branded manufacturing businesses locally and internationally, he decided to share his knowledge and experience with corporate- and entrepreneurial businesses.

Gerhard is passionate about transforming business, especially leadership and strategy in large corporates and entrepreneurial businesses.

He is married to Annelize they have five children and thirteen grandchildren (up to now).

DSC_6823Marno Boshoff

Marno Boshoff is an Executive Leadership Developer and Executive Coach. He is also an international keynote speaker on organizational culture, helping organisations to build the most engaged and productive cultures in their companies.

Marno has an Honors degree in Theology (South African Theological Seminary).

He has been involved in aligning teams within organisations to perform better and help facilitating strategic planning sessions with teams by using a designed process and software to plot out a all encompassing strategic plan.

Marno is passionate about developing people, believing that people are at their best when they perform most effectively.

Marno is married to Bea for 18 years and they have two boys.

Nelia JoyceNelia Joyce

Nelia Joyce is a registered Industrial Psychologist and holds a Masters degree (M.Com – University of South Africa). She is an energetic & passionate Life-, Business- and Career Coach, as well as an Organisational Development Facilitator.

Her ultimate goal is to develop and empower people to reach their optimal abilities and purpose in life.

Nelia believes in a holistic approach and therefore intertwines personality, aptitude, intelligence, interest, strengths and brain preferences in her methodology.

Nelia has been specializing in the scientific study of human behaviour and cognitive processes in the work environment for more than 16 years.

She is married to Gustav and has 2 children.

Carl HoepnerCarl Hoepner

Carl Hoepner is an Accountant, Management Consultant, Systems Innovator and Business Coach.

Carl has a Bachelors degree in Accounting Sciences (University of Pretoria).

After spending his initial years in the corporate and accounting environment Carl started exploring avenues of people and team development and has been busy with this in various forms for the last 5 years.

Carl is passionate about empowering people to think for themselves, to motivate leaders to help their teams become great and to help individuals discover their true calling.

He is married for 5 years to Nicolene and they have 1 child.