Become An Accredited Balance Life Coach: Online Course

"The most comprehensive online Life Coaching course"

"This course will most definitely empower you 
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Title of the program

Balance Life Coach Training: Online Course.


Nico Liebenberg, MA (Psychology), a Life- & Executive Coach and creator of the on-line Balance4Coaches coaching system presents a 45 module ONLINE coaching training program for anyone who wants to become an accredited Balance Life Coach.

Nico teaching on identity


Program vision and goals

The ultimate vision of the Balance Life Coach training is to equip people with fundamental knowledge to become Balance Life Coaches.

Some people do this training, not to become Balance Life Coaches, but for self-development.

Who can benefit by this training?

  • Psychologists and Practitioners in the people helping industry who want to become Balance Life Coaches.
  • HR and Training people who want to increase their people development skills.
  • Corporate and Business Leaders who want to develop coaching skills to assist them in their mentoring relationships.
  • Clergy who do coaching at their churches.
  • Health Care Workers who wants to expand their range of skills in working with people.
  • Teachers and lecturers who consider a career in coaching.
  • People in their 40’s and older who are transitioning from being successful to being significant.
  • People who want to pursue a career in Life Coaching.
  • People who want to develop themselves or release more potential.
  • Adventurous people who intuitively know they should do this training.

This 1-year training program consist of the following

  • 45 Training modules.
  • Students do an assignment and accompanying assessment after each training module.
  • Students have 10 Skype mentoring (supervision) sessions with Life- & Executive Coach Nico Liebenberg.
  • 4 Mentoring sessions are 45 minutes per session.
  • 6 Mentoring sessions are 30 minutes per session.
  • Mentoring sessions take place once every three weeks.
  • Students have 12 Skype conference calls with Nico Liebenberg.
  • All registered students have to participate in these conference calls.
  • A conference call is 1 hour.

Students sign up two ‘volunteer‘ clients.

  • They coach their two ‘volunteer’ clients for 5 coaching sessions per client.
  • A coaching session is between 45-60 minutes.
  • The ‘volunteer’ clients are coached once every four weeks.
  • Students will make one video recording of any of the 5 coaching sessions.
  • Video recorded coaching sessions are submitted for assessment.
  • Students will receive feedback on their assessments in one of their mentoring sessions.

Students will also analyze 2 recorded coaching sessions.

  • These coaching sessions are done by other Coaches.
  • These coaching sessions are 45-60 minutes per coaching session.
  • Students will analyze the following:
    • The quality of the helping relationship.
    • The meaningful conversation between the Coach and the Client.
    • The facilitation and use of people development tools.
  • Students will receive feedback on their analyses in one of their mentoring sessions.

Number of student contact hours

The total number of student contact hours is

The training modules

Introduction to the course

The primary purpose is to introduce students to the structure, content, philosophy and style of the course.

  • Training Session 1: Introduction
What is coaching?

The primary purpose is to introduce students to different definitions and types of coaching and the difference between coaching and other people helping efforts.

  • Training Session 2: Coaching Defined
  • Training Session 3: Coaching And Other People Helping Efforts
  • Training Session 4: Types Of Coaching
  • Training Session 5: What Makes Coaching Work?
What is change, learning and growth?

The primary purpose is to introduce students to a basic understanding of paradigms, paradigm shifts and change in people.

  • Training Session 6: Coaching And Paradigms
  • Training Session 7: Coaching And Change
Who are we?

The primary purpose is to introduce students to a basic understanding of what people fundamentally consist of and how they function universally.

  • Training Session 8: Who Is Man?
  • Training Session 9: The Paradigm Of The Two Trees
  • Training Session 10: Knowledge As Distinctions
What is Person-Centred Coaching?

The primary purpose is to introduce students to a basic understanding of person-centred coaching as defined in Carl Roger’s theories of being human.

  • Training Session 11: Introduction To Carl Rogers
  • Training Session 12: Person-Centred Coaching
Nico Liebenberg’s definition of coaching

The primary purpose is to introduce students to Nico Liebenberg’s definition of coaching.

  • Training Session 13: Nico Liebenberg’s Definition Of Coaching
What is a helping relationship?

The primary purpose is to introduce students to the basic concepts of a helping relationship as defined by Carl Rogers.

  • Training Session 14: Helping Relationships Introduced
  • Training Session 15: Unconditional Positive Regard
  • Training Session 16: Empathy
  • Training Session 17: Congruence
  • Training Session 18: Reflection In Person-Centred Coaching
  • Training Session 19: 10 Questions Of The Coach
What is the process of becoming?

The primary purpose is to introduce students to the basic concepts of the process of becoming, a journey we all travel.

  • Training Session 20: The Process Of Becoming Introduced
  • Training Session 21: Identity
  • Training Session 22: Purpose
  • Training Session 23: Potential
What is communication?

The primary purpose is to introduce students to the basic concepts of communication and how it is applied in coaching.

  • Training Session 24: Communication
  • Training Session 25: Body Language
What is a meaningful conversation?

The primary purpose is to introduce students to the basic concepts of a meaningful conversation and how it is facilitated in coaching.

  • Training Session 26: Meaningful Conversations Introduced
  • Training Session 27: Johari’s Window?
  • Training Session 28: Reflective Space
  • Training Session 29: Being Content
  • Training Session 30: Bracketing
  • Training Session 31: Being Present
  • Training Session 32: Listening Intentionally
  • Training Session 33: Asking Questions
  • Training Session 34: Reflective Questions
  • Training Session 35: Appreciative Inquiry Questions
  • Training Session 36: Reflecting
What is a thinking framework?

The primary purpose is to introduce students to the basic concepts of a thinking framework and how it is applied in a meaningful conversation during coaching.

  • Training Session 37: Thinking Frameworks
What is a people development tool?

The primary purpose is to introduce students to the basic concepts of a people development tool and which ones to use in Balance Life Coaching.

  • Training Session 38: People Development Tools
  • Training Session 39: 16 Personalities
  • Training Session 40: Personal Purpose Assessment
  • Training Session 41: Personal SWOT
  • Training Session 42: Making Significant Changes
  • Training Session 43: Character Signature Strengths
  • Training Session 44: Letter From Important Other
What is compassion?

The primary purpose is to introduce students to the basic concept of compassion and how to grow it.

  • Training Session 45: Coaching And Compassion

Registration dates

The next registration date has not been determined

Allowed time

Students have 1-year to complete the course.

If for whatever reason a student can’t complete the course in 1-year the student will apply for extension. In such a case a students will pay an additional $450 USD  (ZA R 4,500 South African students) for re-registration the second year.

Students should make sure they can commit an average of 4-6 hours per week to their studies.

Requirements for registration

  • There are no formal requirements for registration.
  • Informal requirements are:
    • It will definitely help if you have a passion to help people grow.
    • Love for yourself and other people.
    • Willingness to engage with a personal journey of transformation.
    • Commitment to the process of your becoming.

External registration

Only in South Africa: Students can register with COMENSA – Coaches and Mentors of SA as Student Members.


The medium of instruction is English.

 Cost of the program

$1,850 USD (ZA R 18,500 South African students) per student.

Terms and conditions

  1. A 10% deposit is payable at registration.
  2. The balance is paid in 11 monthly instalments.
  3. Graduation will only be granted when all payments of the course has been made.
  4. Students who withdraw from the program after they have paid their deposit will forfeit their deposit.
  5. Students receive an invoice the last Friday of every month.
  6. Invoices are paid the end of every month.

The Balance Life Coach Community

Students can join the Balance Life Coach community on Facebook here.

Want to register?

Contact Debbie Jones at +27 (0)82 522 1841 or complete the contact form below and we will contact you.