Leadership development program

Leadership development program (LDP)

In view of the recent change of leadership as well as the current world economic challenges and South Africa’s unique position of continuous transition, there is a dire need for strong emphasis on leadership development.

The LDP addresses all the fundamental needs for effective leadership and management.

The purpose of the LDP

The purpose of the LDP is to integrate and align all leadership activity and decision-making on all levels of management with the overall business strategy of your company.

Primary focus areas of the LDP

The primary focus of the LDP is to empower managers and leaders with the following skills:

  • Computer training
  • Leadership basics
  • Strategic leadership
  • Coaching and mentoring skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Presentation skills
  • Stock management skills
  • Supply chain and Logistics management
  • Finances for non-financial managers
  • Cost accounting
  • Team leadership
  • Basic business and entrepreneurial skills

Approach of the LDP

The basic approach of the training is to create a learning process and environment for your company’s managers and leaders. The course is structured around one month intervals, i.e. 2 days of classroom training every month.

In total it is a 20 full-day training programme.

Homework between classroom sessions will entail the reading of book chapters, articles, journals, and doing work related case studies.

During classroom sessions there will be teachings, videos, group work, class discussions, etc. Most of the case studies that will be discussed will come from the (everyday) work environment.

Content of programme

Computer training ( 3 days)

  • MS Word, level 1, 2 or 3
  • MS Excel, level 1, 2 or 3
  • MS Outlook, level 1 or 2
  • MS PowerPoint, level 1 and 2

Leadership basics: A leader’s paradigm (1 days)

  • Leaders and managers
  • Leadership styles
  • Team leadership
  • Your values as a leader
  • Seven lessons of leadership
  • Leadership styles that work

Strategic leadership (1 day)

  • Understanding company strategy
  • Principles of vision creation
  • Strategic planning elements
  • Company values
  • PEST (Political, economical, social and technological) analysis
  • SWOT (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis
  • Company vision and mission

Coaching and mentoring skills (1 day)

  • Introducing mentoring as a leadership approach
  • Mentoring, the concept
  • The mentoring relationship
  • Mentor
  • Mentee
  • Coaching skills

Emotional intelligence (2 days)

  • Communication skills
  • Cross-cultural communication skills
  • Conflict management skills
  • Self awareness
  • Your personality type
  • Reading and understanding body language

Presentation skills (2 days)

  • Preparing a presentation
  • Delivering a presentation
  • Understanding your audience
  • Integrating PowerPoint with your presentation

Stock management (1 day)

  • The basic principles of stock management and stock control

Supply chain and Logistics management (2 days)

  • The basics of supply chain management

Finances for non-financial managers (2 days)

  • Introducing finance and accounting
  • Understanding the basics of financial statements:
  • Statement of comprehensive income
  • Statement of changes in equity
  • Statement of financial position
  • Statement of Cash Flows
  • Evaluating the results
  • Budgeting & Internal controls
  • The venture life cycle and cash implications of it
  • Cash operating cycle and what affects a company’s cash flow
  • Appreciate the role and limitations of finance
  • Communication with the finance department

Cost accounting (1 day)

  • Underlying concepts of accounting
  • The accounting process
  • Risks and liabilities in the accounting process
  • Using ratios to evaluate:
  • Liquidity
  • Activity and efficiency
  • Profitability
  • Long – term debts

Team leadership and team work (2 day)

  • 360 degree feedback: Johari’s window
  • Principles to create an effective team
  • Team diagnosis: Snapshot of your team
  • Team members and leaders
  • Personality (MBTI) and your place in the team
  • Team dynamics and facilitation

Basic business and entrepreneurial skills (2 day)

  • Understanding business
  • Understanding markets and customers
  • Understanding sales
  • Understanding finances
  • Understanding HR
  • A business plan
  • Understanding inter-dependency in business

The cost of this training is calculated at rate per delegate (leader). The fee is R 1,450 per leader per day.

Dust consulting would really want to present this leadership development program to the leaders of your organisation, please contact us at nicoliebenberg@dustconsulting.com

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