Dealing With Divorce Program


We present a personal development program for people going through divorce.

Content of the program

The divorce program consists of 4 Saturday morning workshops combined with 6 one-hour coaching sessions where the divorcee spends confidential time with a Relationship Coach discussing relevant topics about how to deal with life after divorce.

The following is covered in the process…

  1. How to deal with the trauma of divorce?
  2. How to deal with our children after the divorce?
  3. How to deal with our communal friendships?
  4. How to deal with events when my ex-partner is also invited?
  5. How to un-bundle my life from my ex-partner?
  6. How to make sense of this meaningless season of my life?
  7. How to define the ‘new’ direction and purpose of my life?

Cost of the program?

The cost of the program is R 5,750. Payable over 6 months.

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