Marriage Renewal Program


Join an adventurous celebration of your love for your spouse. Enjoy a time rekindling your first love and re-discovering treasures in one other.

The primary purpose of the Marriage Renewal Program is to equip and empower husbands and wives with the necessary knowledge, skills and motivation to develop deeper levels of communication and connection in their relationships.

Content of the program

The Marriage Renewal Program includes 5 Saturday morning workshops (9h00-13h00), 4 relationship coaching sessions (1-hour/session) and a weekend retreat (Saturday and Sunday).

The following is covered in the process…

  1. Workshop 1: Re-discovering one another’s personalities.
  2. Coaching session 1: Me and my spouse’s personality types.
  3. Workshop 2: My personal purpose and our purpose as a couple.
  4. Coaching session 2: Personal- and couple purpose assessment.
  5. Workshop 3: Our communication- and conflict management patterns.
  6. Coaching session 3: Re-defining the way we communicate and deal with conflict.
  7. Workshop 4: Our love languages.
  8. Coaching session 4: Emotional intelligence.
  9. Workshop 5: Our finances.

The weekend retreat includes a romantic get-away where vows are renewed and deep, significant conversations are facilitated.

Cost of the program

The cost of the program is R 5,500. Payable over 6 months.

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