Pre-Marriage Coaching Program


A pre-marriage coaching program for couples getting married with a follow-up program six months after the wedding.

Content of the program

The pre-marriage coaching program consists of 4 one-hour sessions where the couple spends confidential time with a Relationship Coach discussing relevant topics as to what can be expected ‘when we are married now’.

The follow-up process six months later, also consists of 4 relationship coaching sessions with the couple’s Relationship Coach.

The following is covered in the process…

  1. Expectations for the coaching process.
  2. Current level of relationship satisfaction (questionnaire).
  3. Personality analysis.
  4. Identifying our life-purpose as a couple.
  5. How to increase effective communication in our relationship?
  6. How to manage conflict constructively?
  7. How to address the challenges in our relationship (together)?
Cost of the program?

The cost of the program is R 5,250. Payable over 6 months.

This is an ideal wedding gift.

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