Executive Leadership Development Program


In view of South Africa’s unique position of continuous transition, there is a dire need for strong emphasis on leadership development. The Leadership Development Program (LDP) addresses all the fundamental needs for effective leadership and management.

 Primary focus areas of the LDP

The primary focus of the LDP is to empower managers and leaders with the following skills:

  1. Fundamental leadership skills.
  2. Coaching and mentoring skills.
  3. Emotional intelligence.
  4. Presentation skills.
  5. Team leadership.
Content of programme
Fundamental leadership skills: A leader’s paradigm (1 day)
  1. Leaders and managers.
  2. Leadership styles.
  3. Team leadership.
  4. Your values as a leader.
  5. Seven lessons of leadership.
  6. Leadership styles that work.
Coaching and mentoring skills (1 day)
  1. Introducing mentoring as a leadership approach.
  2. Mentoring, the concept.
  3. The mentoring relationship.
  4. Mentor.
  5. Mentee.
  6. Coaching skills.
Emotional intelligence (2 days)
  1. Communication skills.
  2. Cross-cultural communication skills.
  3. Conflict management skills.
  4. Self awareness.
  5. Your personality type.
  6. Reading and understanding body language.
Presentation skills (2 days)
  1. Preparing a presentation.
  2. Delivering a presentation.
  3. Understanding your audience.
  4. Integrating PowerPoint with your presentation.
Team leadership and team work (2 days)
  1. 360 degree feedback: Johari’s window
  2. Principles to create an effective team
  3. Team diagnosis: Snapshot of your team
  4. Team members and leaders
  5. Personality (MBTI) and your place in the team
  6. Team dynamics and facilitation

R 28,500 – R 35,000 per day for a leadership team of 8-14 leaders.

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