Strategic planning conversations

The content of the Strategic conversation process

    1. Background and context
    2. Management of change
    3. Strategic planning process demystified
    4. Strategic conversation 1: PEST (Political, Economical, Social & Technological analysis)
    5. Strategic conversation 2: CC (Customer & Competition analysis)
    6. Strategic conversation 3: Vision
    7. Strategic conversation 4: SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats analysis)
    8. Strategic conversation 5: Mission
    9. Strategic conversation 6: Values
    10. Strategic conversation 7: Strategic paths
    11. Strategic conversation 8: Addressing the WOT of the SWOT.

Strategic planning creates synergy and team work!

Facilitation of strategic planning creates synergy between the strategic thinking of top management, the skills of teams and the leadership abilities of individuals.

The strategic planning process is built around 8 strategic conversations that is facilitated over 3 days per top management team.

These conversations are part of a year-long strategic planning process on all the levels of your company, starting with top management and then cascading a similar dialogue process down into the rest of the company. The process should be facilitated in all your major centers with all your key decision makers present at such a 3-day session.

The process with top management has the primary purpose of creating a shared vision amongst the key decision makers of the company.

After strategic conversations have been facilitated with the top management team a similar process, called operational planning will then be facilitated to teams ‘lower’ down in the company.

Top managements process is referred to as strategic planning and the process lower down in the company is called operational or tactical planning. Both needs to happen to ensure that top management’s strategy is implemented by everyone in the company.

The process with the rest of the levels further down into the organisation has the primary purpose of communicating the direction set by top management as well as strategising around executable goals and action plans, commonly referred to as a tactical or operational plan.

The ‘product’ of the strategic planning process

The final product of the strategic planning process is a strategic plan in document form.


This (estimated) facilitation cost is R 45,000-55,000 per top management team.

This amount includes the following:

  1. Facilitation of three days of strategic conversation and -visioning with a top management team.
  2. Developing and editing the strategic planning document.
  3. Five colour copies of the strategic planning document
  4. The strategic plan in electronic format.

Dust consulting would really want to facilitate strategic planning in your organisation, please contact us at

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