Work-Life Balance Program


A 10-day personal mastery program for people who want to develop work-life balance.

The primary purpose of this training is to help individuals become who they are born to be, discover their personal purpose, release their potential and develop emotional intelligence.

This 10-day training program is combined with 9 life coaching sessions.

Primary focus

The following is covered during the training…

  1. Shared vision and values.
  2. Discovering your identity.
  3. Discovering your personal and professional purpose.
  4. Personality analysis.
  5. Temperament analysis.
  6. Life gift analysis.
  7. Defining moments and their impact on identity.
  8. Emotional intelligence.
  9. Work goals.

Training: R 22,500 – R 28,000 per day for a team of 8 – 14 members.

Coaching: R 1,350 per person per session

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