Recruitment Process International Rugby Institute

"I think rugby is 80 per cent mental."

-Francois Hougaard


The recruitment process of potential Rugby Players and -Coaches of the International Rugby Institute (IRI).

The purpose of this process is to recruit two types of students.

  1. Young male school leavers with above average rugby potential to enroll with the IRI Academy during the time they prepare for their careers.
  2. Young male school leavers or any other person who wants to become a professional Rugby Coach.


The focus of the IRI Academy is to develop young Rugby Players and -Coaches on all dimensions and levels of their person.


To develop their full potential as Rugby Players and -Coaches.

Life Coaching And Mentoring

To coach and mentor them during their time at the IRI.

Accredited Life Coaches and Rugby Mentors will engage on a continuous monthly basis with Players and Coaches as part of their personal and professional development.

Emotional And Moral Support

  1. To empower and equip them with emotional and moral support to develop strong values of family, integrity, strong work-ethics, discipline and excellence.
  2. To supply them with a Life Coach and Mentor in their line of work that can journey with them throughout their time at the IRI Academy.


To empower them with understanding and embracing the value and process of character building.

Relationship Building

To train them in emotional intelligence, communication, and social skills.

Leadership skills

To train, coach and guide them to develop strong and significant leadership skills for their careers as well as their personal lives.

During Survivor

The process

The recruitment process is based in a two-fold process.

The one part is to do the profiling as per the sponsors’ brief and requirements. Time is spend with the sponsor to develop a full profile of what the sponsor need in a future employee.

The second part is then to construct a scientifically validated psychometric recruitment process that can address the sponsors’  and other interested parties’ requirements.

The actual recruitment process will include:

  1. Scouting of high school rugby players.
  2. Background checks.
  3. Initial interviews.
  4. Developing a psychometric test battery.
  5. Psychometric testing.
  6. Compilation of psychometric profiles aligned with sponsors’ requirements.
  7. IRI interviews.
  8. Final interviews of potential short-listed candidates by sponsors.

During Survivor

The Psychometric test battery

Depending on the sponsors’ requirements a combination of the following psychometric tests will be combined to do the testing of potential candidates:

  1. The 300-Question Personality Test
  2. Holland Career Code
  3. Multiple Intelligences
  4. Brain Hemisphere Dominance
  5. VAK Learning Styles
  6. The 16 Personalities
  7. Enneagram Personality Test
  8. Value Clarification
  9. Personal Strengths Inventory
  10. Character Signature Strengths
  11. The Big 5 Personality Test
  12. Strategic Leadership Styles Inventory

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