Strategic Planning


The strategic planning process consists of 6 fundamental strategic conversations facilitated with top management over a period of 3 days

The process with top management has the primary purpose of creating a shared vision amongst the key decision makers of the company.

After strategic conversations have been facilitated with the top management team a similar process, called operational planning will then be facilitated to teams ‘lower’ down in the company.

The content of the 3-day Strategic conversation process
  1. Background and context.
  2. Management of change.
  3. Strategic planning process demystified.
  4. Strategic conversation 1: PEST (Political, Economical, Social & Technological analysis).
  5. Strategic conversation 2: Vision and Mission.
  6. Strategic conversation 3: SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats analysis).
  7. Strategic conversation 4: Values.
  8. Strategic conversation 5: Strategic thrusts.
  9. Strategic conversation 6: Objectives.
The ‘product’ of the strategic planning process

The final product of the strategic planning process is a strategic plan in document form populated with mind maps, project charts and a complete value map of the organization’s strategy.


Depending on the size of the organization the (estimated) facilitation cost plus the editing and compiling of the strategic planning document, value map and slides of the strategy is R 75,000 – R 95,000.

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