Team building

Team effectiveness coaching

• Team members and leaders
• Team life
• Expectations of team members
• Team norms and rules
• An effective team

Team communication & cohesion development

• Scavenger hunt
• Johari’s window
• Hot chair
• Question session
• Snapshot of your team
• It’s in the cards
• Personality
• Contributions of team members
• Letter to each other

Team problem solving and decision making

• The basic problem solving process
• Other problem solving techniques (models)
• Tactics to promote team problem solving
• Problems within teams
• Techniques to stimulate creativity in teams
• Other barriers to creativity
• Techniques to stimulate creativity in teams
• Advantages of team decision-making
• Disadvantages of team decision-making
• Effective team decision-making
• Guidelines for effective team decision-making

Team conflict management

• Causes of conflict within teams
• Levels of conflict
• Phases of conflict
• Measuring your team’s conflict preferences
• Conflict management styles


The facilitation cost is R 16,000 per team.

Contact us

Dust consulting would really want to facilitate team building in your organisation, please contact us at

One thought on “Team building

  1. HI Nico,

    I believe that you are doing a team building session with Johan at Montana – would love to do one with my team so please contact me in regards thereto.

    Many thanks,

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