What coaching can do for you?

Great benefits of coaching

As an executive coach I would like to briefly mention a couple of things I have seen coaching does for my clients. Bear in mind that life is much too complicated to regard any type of intervention as the panacea, or the magic cure. As Psychologist I have done therapy, counselling and deep level healing. All of these interventions have the power to improve quality of life. Coaching too has lots of power to improve anyone’s quality of life.

All of us, at one point or the other are frustrated with the quality of our lives. We look for something different, something deeper, something more. I believe coaching can be the answer to many executives, leaders and managers who seek to improve the quality of their personal and professional lives.

Discovering yourself

Coaching can assist you in discovering yourself. One of the greatest things in life is to discover the wonder of who you are. Knowing yourself is powerful. Just think for a while. YOU are the ‘instrument’ you employ to live with. No one else can live YOU. And like anything you want to master, the more knowledge you have of it the better you get at it. The more you know about the ‘instrument’ you employ to live with, the better you are equipped to utilise it. The more you know yourself the better you will know your development areas. Coaching can assist you not only to identify your development areas it also helps you grow out of them – ultimately growing into the person you desire to be.

Improves decision making

Coaching helps with decision making. The basis for effective decision making is information. A good decision depends on lots of information. This is a crucial advantage coaching gives you. If you have a good coach he should be able to facilitate your thinking processes in such a way that you come to understand what you should choose in most situations, personally and professionally. It is like a father that spends time with his daughter in her final year at school to think with her about her future. Coaching should always empower you to have enough information on which you can base your decisions.

Goal achievement

Coaching helps with getting done what needs to be done. The underlying spontaneous effect of coaching is accountability. Accountability is when you have someone you trust and respect helping you to actually get round doing what you should. The coach’s awareness of knowing what you have decided to do brings an element into your life that keeps you honest. What you have today decided in the coaching session will be ‘checked’ in future sessions. This may sound like control, but it is a kind of control that has huge benefits. It helps you to eventually achieve your life goals in your personal as well as your professional life. Coaching actually helps you stay focused on what you should do.

Clears your thinking

Coaching can ‘clear’ your mind. We all are sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of input that comes our way. A strange thing happens to us people when we think about things that lay heavy on our hearts – our thoughts keep on going down like a very active, never resting whirlpool. Ask any human behaviour observer and she will tell you that bringing things ‘out’ can help you to ‘clear’ your mind. It is sometimes very therapeutic to cry, laugh, write, sing or dance. These are all expressions of what is going on inside of us; it is bringing something on the inside to the surface and therefore has lots of power to bring emotional release. Our cognition (thinking ability) is dependent on our emotional state. Emotionally healthy people can use more of their brains than those that are not emotionally healthy.

Answers questions

Coaching can give you answers to deep-rooted questions. I have experienced many life changing conversations where unasked questions got answers. The simple profound power of dialogue can never be under-estimated. True dialogue where we really hear and understand one another can supply us with knowledge that give us answers to facilitate the needed change in direction. As the wise man said, “If you do not change direction you will end up where you are going.”

Provides perspective

Coaching can help you stand back and look at things. Perspective comes when we stand back, dis-engage from what we are busy with and just observe. Observers see and learn a lot in life. A good coach might be able to show you things you knew, but forgot. A coaching session with healthy dialogue can help you see things a-new. It is most probably still the same things you are looking at, but through coaching you might be able to look at it differently. Coaching can help you to not just look at something it can also help you to look at the glasses you use to look with. We need to sometimes not just look through our glasses, but take them off and look at our glasses.

2 thoughts on “What coaching can do for you?

  1. Hi

    I am extremely interesting in becoming a life coach. When, where is your next courses & could you pls give me the cost involved. I would be also interested in doing an internship if the opportunity arises

    Kind regards,

    Nedine Lennox
    072 040 7242

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