Balance Life Coach Training: Advanced Course 1 – People Development Tools


Nico Liebenberg, MA (Psychology), a Life- & Executive Coach and creator of the on-line Balance4Coaches coaching system presents an advanced practical coaching course for students who have already completed the Balance Life Coach Introduction Course.

This advanced coaching training is suited for Coaches who want to improve their skills in using the following people development tools in their coaching:

  • Making Significant Changes in Life
  • Temperaments of the 16 Personalities
  • The 16 Personalities
  • The 16 Personalities, 2nd dimension
  • Personal Purpose Assessment
  • Discover Your Purpose in 4 Contexts
  • Character Strengths
  • Holland Career Codes
  • Learned Optimism Test
  • Work Value Clarification
  • 360 Feedback: Letter from Important Others

The format of the training

This training is done in a workshop fashion.

This is a completely unstructured and spontaneous learning environment. It is not a typical classroom setting.

Students who are not familiar with the reflective space will be introduced and familiarized with the concept.

Students will complete the people development tool before class. During class Nico will deliver a demonstration in using the tool. Through roleplays students will practice on one another in using the tool.

Requirements for registration

Students who want to register for the advanced coaching course should have completed the Balance Life Coach Training Introduction Course (first course).


The medium of instruction is English.

Dates of training

Training dates will be available early January 2017. The course will start the first week of February 2017.


This training is presented at Regus Business Park, 210 Amarand Avenue, Waterkloof-Glen, Pretoria.

Cost of the program

  • R 16,300 per student, if 5 students register.
  • R 15,250 per student, if 6 students register.
  • R 14,780 per student, if 7 students register.
  • R 13,680 per student, if 8 students register.
  • R 12,830 per student, if 9 students register.
  • R 11,150 per student, if 10 students register.
  • R 10,590 per student, if 11 students register.
  • R 9,120 per student, if 12 students register.
  • R 8,730 per student, if 13 students register.
  • R 7,390 per student, if 14 students register.
  • R 6,100 per student, if 15 students register.
  • R 5,500 per student, if 16 or more students register.

Terms and conditions

  1. A 10% deposit will be paid at registration.
  2. The balance is paid in 5 monthly instalments.
  3. Students who withdraw from the program after they have paid their deposit will forfeit their deposit.
  4. Students receive an invoice the last Friday of every month.
  5. Invoices are paid the end of every month.

The Balance Life Coach Community

Students can join the Balance Life Coach community on Facebook HERE.

Want to register?

Contact Debbie Jones at +27 (0)82 522 1841 or complete the contact form below.