Coaching Process: Claudette van den Berg


The coaching process of Claudette van den Berg.

This program is uniquely developed for Claudette in order to facilitate her personal and professional growth.

Click on the links (green underlined words) to navigate to the page where you will find what you have to watch, read or do.

In each of the sessions there are things you need to watch, read or complete.

Program contents

Session 1

  1. Start Where You Are, Use What You Have And Do What You Can
  2. Discovering Your Authentic Leadership
  3. Making Significant Changes

Session 2

  1. In Praise Of The Incomplete Leader
  2. Johari’s Window
  3. Temperament Analysis
  4. Becoming The Greatness You Are

Session 3

  1. Why Should Anyone Be Led By You?
  2. Living In The Now
  3. The 4 Scales Of The 16 Personalities
  4. Strengths And Development Areas Of The 16 Personalities

Session 4

  1. Seven Transformations Of Leadership
  2. There Is Power In Insignificance
  3. Value Clarification

Session 5

  1. What Leaders Really Do
  2. 16 Personalities Analysis: 2nd Dimension
  3. 16 Personalities And Your Career
  4. Install Audible
  5. Book: Tattoos On The Heart – The Power Of Boundless Compassion

Session 6

  1. The Work Of Leadership
  2. Forgiveness
  3. A Letter From An Important Other (360 degree feedback).

Session 7

  1. Crucibles Of Leadership
  2. Purpose Questions Infographic
  3. Personal And Professional Purpose Assessment.

Session 8

  1. Level 5 Leadership
  2. Personal And Professional Purpose Assessment. (Continue)