Coaching Process: Gawie Jordaan

Resources for your coaching journey

About leadership

  1. Book: In the Name of Jesus: Reflections on Christian Leadership
  2. Great Leaders Think About Their Own Thinking
  3. Great Leaders Shift Their Paradigms
  4. Great Leaders Have Vision
  5. Great Leaders Begin With The End In Mind
  6. Great Leaders Have Character
  7. Great Leaders Die Empty
  8. In Praise Of The Incomplete Leader

About living in the now

  1. Living In The Now

About identity and personal purpose

  1. Identity
  2. Your Life Is Not An Experiment
  3. Know Your Life’s Purpose
  4. You Can Become Who You Desire To Be

For you and Louise

  1. Couch Time
  2. Strengths And Development Areas Of The 16 Personalities


  1. The Cloak Of Humility