How to Send Coaching Resources to Your Client in Balance4Coaches?

How to Send Coaching Resources to Your Client in Balance4Coaches?

After you have designed a coaching process and send the process to your client you can send the resources of the coaching process to your client

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Your coaching dashboard


Open your clients, by clicking this icon


This window with a list of all your clients will open

Client table

Click on the client’s name to whom you have sent the coaching process

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You can now send the coaching resources to your client by clicking the ‘Send resources’ button

Send resources

When you click the ‘Send resources’ button next to a coaching session, this window will open and you can choose which resources to send to your client

Send resources window

Your client will be notified via email of the resources

When you client log in to her dashboard she will see this

Client's dashboard with coaching sessions

Your client can click on the button ‘View’ to open a session’s resources

When your client clicks on ‘View’ she will see this

Client's resources

She can now open the resources by clicking the button ‘Open’ and do what needs to be done

When she has finished with a resource she can click the button ‘Complete’ to indicate she has completed the resource

On the Coach’s side it keeps track of what the client has completed. This can be seen on the ‘Session progress’ tab in your (the Coach’s) profile of a client

Session progress tab