Coaching Program: Willem Immelman


The development program of Willem Immelman.

This program is uniquely developed for Willem in order to facilitate his personal and professional growth.

Click on the links (green underlined words) to navigate to the page where you will find what you have to watch, read or do.

In each of the sessions there are things you need to watch, read or complete.

Program contents

Session 1

  1. Start Where You Are, Use What You Have And Do What You Can
  2. Johari’s Window
  3. Our Cycles Of Addiction
  4. Install Audible
  5. Book: Every man’s battle

Session 2

  1. Install An Internet And Mobile Device Filter
  2. Living In The Now
  3. Identity
  4. Purpose Questions Infographic

Session 3

  1. Great Leaders Think About Their Own Thinking
  2. Great Leaders Die Empty
  3. Great Leaders Have Character
  4. Happiness

Session 4

  1. The 4 Scales Of The 16 Personalities
  2. Temperament Analysis
  3. The 16 Personalities In A Nutshell
  4. Leaders And Managers Of The 16 Personalities
  5. 16 Personalities Analysis: 2nd Dimension

Session 5

  1. Book: In the Name of Jesus: Reflections on Christian Leadership
  2. Making Significant Changes

Session 6

  1. The Big 5 Personality Test
  2. Your Life Is Not An Experiment

Session 7

  1. Optimism Assessment
  2. Know Your Life’s Purpose

Session 8

  1. Your Time In A Week
  2. The 4 Quadrants Of Time Management
  3. Roles In Life